Rune Leather Journals
Rune Leather Journals
Rune Leather Journals
Rune Leather Journals
Rune Leather Journals
Rune Leather Journals
Rune Leather Journals
Rune Leather Journals
Rune Leather Journals

Rune Leather Journals

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Beautiful custom made leather rune journals, can be made with or without fur on the front. Choose which 3 runes you want (see photo #3 of this listing for their names, tell us which ones you want at checkout). Perfect gift for Pagans, Medieval fantasy lovers, writers and more! Great for writing, sketching, or keeping rune cast notes. Comes with a hardback book insert, refillable leather cover can be used again and again. Fits standard 5.5" x 8.5" journals. Made with genuine cowhide leather, vintage rabbit fur, books stay securely closed with two sturdy buckle straps.

Runes: (free rune chart included with your purchase!)

Fehu (F) Cattle, Wealth

Uruz (U) Auroch, Power

Thurisaz (TH) The God Thor

Ansuz (A) Odin, Justice

Raido (R) Ride, Journey, Change

Kaunaz (K) Knowledge, Wisdom

Gebo (G) Gift, Love

Wunjo (W, V) Joy, Success

Hagalaz (H) Hail, Destruction

Nauthiz (N) Need Isa (I) Ice, Patience, Rest

Eihwaz (EI) Ending, Death, Rebirth

Jera (J) Year, Cycle Pertho (P) Magic, Mystery

Algiz (X, Z) Elk, Protection

Sowulo (S) Sun, Strength

Tiwaz (T) Truth, Warrior

Berkana (B) Birch, Birth, Growth

Ehwaz (E) Equality, Duality

Mannaz (M) Man, Human

Laguz (L) Water, Emotions

Inguz (N, G) Energy, Love

Dagaz (D) Day, Light, Happiness

Othala (O) Family, Inheritance, Ancestors

~~ Pictures show examples of what your journal will look like. Exact leather colors will vary

~~ Journal insert is hardback, 108 blank pages, 65 lb acid free paper.

~~ Refills available by request for $20

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Medieval garb & leatherwork, all handcrafted by a mother-daughter team. Bringing history & fantasy back to life.

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