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awesome product. i needed an adjustment and they delivered!

i needed a sword to hang off of my belt parallel as opposed to the angled version in the picture and Amy was very helpful in adjusting my order. the frog is really good quality and it looks awesome with my nodachi

Finest Kind

I love this hat. It is very substantial and will be great during the colder months here in the northeast. The wool and linen lining are top quality.

It’s perfect

Easily fits my iPhone 13, wallet, keys, hand sanitizer and a bottle of sunscreen. Replaced a much bigger bag that I was tired of carrying around (and messed with the aesthetic of my costume). Leather is beautiful. Swing clasp makes it easy to access contents inside. Incredible value & amazingly helpful artisans!

Perfect for bigger frames

An impressive piece that sits well and fits my 6' 3"/300lbs frame perfectly. Absolutely recommend it to others looking for a great piece that will enhance your outfit immensely

Love it

This hood is awesome. I got the olive color with weather edges one and it it perfect with my outfit for the renaissance festival. Bonus is it matched my pants color exactly how I was hoping it would.

Thanks, FOTW!


perfect fit, beautiful color, exactly what i was looking for. i adore this garment and would live in it, if possible. worth every single penny for the craftsmanship itself, let alone how versatile this tunic is!!!!

Great service

Fast shipping, fit perfectly. Looking forward to wearing to the viking wedding and then some!

My viking wedding

Great fitment, looks and feels exceptional will be a great addition for my wedding attire!

Archery Arm Guard
Richard Childs

Arm guard was exactly what I wanted. Notified FOTW about a change in color which they accommodated - excellent customer service.

Elven Tunic

I love my elven tunic! It’s a great addition to my growing elvish wardrobe— perfect for renaissance faires!

Costume addition

Bought this for a medieval film I’m working on looks very authentic! Love the material used

Awesome piece

Love it, great piece to add to outfit!


Amazing quality. Looks and feels incredible. Definitely takes my look to the next level. Thank you Folk of the Wood. Highly recommend

High Elven Bracers
David Pereira

Bought the black bracers for a themed wedding and they turned out great! Can't wait to keep them to admire in the future.

Ranger Cloak Linen
Scott Aguirre
I love the look and feel of this cloak

I've been slowly piecing together a ranger cosplay kit and this cloak really brings it all together. I went with the leather tie because it felt more "rangery" to me. I have no complaints, but I do have concerns that if you wear it in a way that tugs too much on where the leather tie loops connects to the fabric that it could tear over time. I think the trick is to wear it so that most of the weight is distributed on the shoulders instead of straining the leather tie too much. I am overall very happy with my purchase.

Love it

Dope craftsmanship! Love the authentic look

Excellent Quality

Let me start by saying I am always skeptical about buying things like this online, sight unseen. Looked good in the pictures, but I've experienced that before, and what arrived looked nothing like what they showed. Not the case with this mantle. I had several questions prior to buying, mostly about sizing, and all were answered in a timely manner and to my satisfaction. It arrived today and I will admit I was very pleased not only when I saw it, but after trying it on. I've seen items like this selling for far more money that are not as nice or maybe just as nice, but not at this price. I am very satisfied with the company, the service they provided, and my purchase. I highly recommend this item and wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again.

Exactly what I was looking for!

I love this belt! It's so well made and fits great! Levels up all my fun flowy skirts, and I feel amazing wearing it!

Exactly what I hoped for

In searching for a cloak for Renaissance Faire for quite some time I was concerned with getting something that wouldn’t fit like you see in the photos, or something flimsy and too thin. Not the case here! It’s a perfectly heavy linen, and smooth to the touch versus something that feels scratchy. Very pleased with my purchase, and to end the hunt for a cloak that I’ll use for all the years at Faire to come.

Big fan

It's perfect for what I was hoping! Looks great!

Leather Mug Strap
Debbie Neely
Better then expected!!

Beautifully fabricated! Leather is quality as well as the workmanship! Better then expected! Highly recommend! Will purchase other items from again!! Bring on the RenFest season!!

Celtic Bracers
Debbie Neely
Fantastic workmanship

Beautifully fabricated! Leather is quality as well as the workmanship! Better then expected! Highly recommend! Will purchase other items from again!! Bring on the RenFest season!!

Beautiful belt

Very well-crafted and arrived super fast!

Awesome customization

Amazing quality, customized to my specifications with leaves added over flap/closure. Came out perfect!

Archery Quiver Deluxe
Scott Aguirre
Nice, adjustable quiver

I just got my quiver yesterday, a few days before I expected it to arrive. I really like the look of it and how adjustable it is with the 3-point harness system. I'm a lefty, so wear it to draw arrows over my left shoulder. I do have a couple of nitpicks. I got the Woodsman, without the pouch, and my quiver didn't quite look like the photos because it was missing the linen wrap lower down on the quiver. That didn't bother me at all, though but I mention it because I didn't get exactly what was advertized. Like I said, no problem; just an observation. I made a couple of adjustments to the quiver since I am a lefty. The loose ends of the linen wrap at the top of the quiver were knotted on the right side. I simply rotated the wrap so that the knot was on the left side and then the loose ends would hang down naturally since the quiver is angled to the left. The leather cord was knotted with a granny knot, which made one end sort of pop upward awkwardly. I re-tied it with a proper square knot which let the loose ends fall more naturally. Right now, I only have six arrows, but I can see how the quiver could hold up to fifteen, maybe even a little more. Overall I am very happy with this purchase.