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Renaissance Round Hat
Siani Overstreet
Muffin hat, Troubador hat, Minstrel Hat, etc.

This is a very well crafted item made from most excellent wool. The feather flash and button are lovely bit of frosting on a lovely whole. :) I've worn it out just wandering the area. People really like it. It goes *very* well with my lute. :) Thank you!

Fantastic Archer's Bracers!

I use one on each arm so I can shoot ambidextrous and I love them! They are flexible enough in the wrist to allow me to move around as necessary, and stiff enough to protect my hand from any potentially slicing feathers, and my forearm from a bowstring thwap if I mess up my arm placement. High quality craftsmanship and materials make these a 100/100 for me.

Viking Fur Bag
Michelle Mattair
Nice Viking fur and leather bag!

I wanted a belt bag on the smaller side yet still big enough to hold a few essentials. Its leather belt loops easily accommodates my 3" wide, very hefty leather belt (a lot of belt bags I saw, only fit up to a 2" belt). Be sure to check dimensions before ordering if you plan to carry a cell phone; this "just" fits my iPhone 8plus -- but only side-ways, or the bag cannot close. Overall, this is a great addition to my Faire garb, well-made, and looks just like the pictures.

I love it!

This archery glove was shipped and arrived faster than I had expected. The leather feels very nice. I like that it's completely adjustable so it fits my hand perfectly. I tried it on and pulled back my bowstring and it feels great! I love it!

Archery Quiver Classic
Haylee Brenchley

Amazing!!! Loving it so much!

I love it

absolutely beautiful and well made.

Who knew you needed this?

It's a cute little pouch--just big enough for a talisman, amulet, or charm. For those of a more practical mind, it could also hold flint & steel or coins. It's the perfect accoutrement to finish a costume be it witchy or medieval. I also appreciated the brown paper and twine wrapping that it came in. It's a happy little purchase that will make you smile with possibilities.

This is the third belt I bought and it’s great quality like always!

Leather Hair Wraps
Louise Salam
Leather Hair Wrap

Beautiful! A little smaller than I expected, but it's exactly how it is shown on your website. I can't wait to see my grandson's reaction when he opens this present (He's a 15 year-old long-haired musician, who often wears his hair in a pony tail.) I love the natural jute string and paper wrapping. With care, I untied it to make sure everything was as ordered, and had no problem repacking it exactly as you had. I truly appreciate the natural look of the packing, and no Scoth Tape! Very nice and thank you!



Lovely piece of workmanship, nice leather too. Built to last!! I love these ladies' crafts. All just excellent.

Makes for an Awesome Barbarian - and it is actually WARM!

I know this isn't real fur, but who cares? It looks just awesome! And its cold here - I noticed that it is very noticeably warm on my shoulders! Like a blanket on!

Now I just need the other stuff in these photos and I would look maybe a little bit like a barbarian too!


My vest matched perfectly with the forest green tunic. I got many compliments of my outfit. I had a lot of fun putting this together, my dream cosplay: elven warrior princess. Next year I hope to add a few more pieces from FolkoftheWood. Amy was super helpful im answering all my questions about the vest, tunic and bracers.

Ranger Cloak Linen
Yazmine Hebert
Good Quality

Love the cloak. I can't wait to give to my boyfriend. He is going to love it! Thank y'all!

Awesome! Perfect

Absolutely Stunning

I couldn’t be happier with the mantle! I purchased this as an anniversary gift for my husband to wear to the Renaissance Festival in NC. He’s going to love it, it’s so gorgeous. Thank you so much, FOTW!

Wonderful piece

This fur cloak is beautiful and very well made. It’s an excellent value for the price and is the perfect addition to my outfit. Exactly what I was looking for!

round hat

the hat fits well and looks outstanding. I love it.


I love my vest. It is perfect

Ranger Gloves Pair
Kyle Zarrizski
Real quality

Just received my pair today and they are much better than I initially expected. They fit perfectly, couldn't ask for more!

Medieval hood

I ordered the chocolate medieval linen hood and it’s beautiful. The color is dark and rich. It drapes on my shoulders perfectly. I am medium build and fits my frame very nicely.
I am super happy with my purchase.
Thank you so much!!

Very cool garment, excellent fit and look

I really like this piece, although I haven't been able to wear it in an outfit yet. Comfortable and hardy similar to the linen tunic, this is a slightly more technical garment that is executed beautifully. The hood is DEEP, the hem coming down to the mouth when I stand straight and pull the hood all the way down. This makes it extremely versatile; it can be worn low and mysteriously, or high for better visibility and to show your face and anywhere in between, in all configurations sitting stably on the head without needing adjustment. From the shoulder to the neck lies perfectly flat and feels fitted around the arm, but has a taper in the armhole and should accommodate arms of many sizes comfortably. The hood attachment to the lapel is a smooth gradient, so wearing the surcoat either open or closed feels similarly natural. The splits in the sides and back make it comfortable sitting, standing, or in motion. Just a really neat piece of work, love it.

Solid, rough belt

Very impressed with the length and versatility of the linen sash belt. Clearly the exact same fabric used in the tunics and surcoats and works well as part of an ensemble with them. Out of the package, the sash has what appears to be a manufactured rough edge; the unfinished edge is uniform all the way around the sash. I would hesitate to machine wash, at least with other clothes, but maybe I was unlucky. The edge unravelled enough to undo itself and tangle the whole sash into a messy ball. This was a boon however, in that once it was cut free and the loose strands cleaned up, the edge looks significantly more natural than when I got it, without losing any volume or looking uneven. I did end up with linen bits on the rest of that load that needed removed, but it all turned out for the best I think.

It's a real tunic!

I can't give a better review of this piece than to say it's exactly what it says it is; a solid linen tunic. It's cut and finished simply and practically, it's hardy, unadorned and unembellished. After some wear and washing, it's a comfortable, functional base layer in both cool temperatures and heat. When many pieces of this style feel and wear like costume shirts, you can wear this tunic on its own with a belt and feel like you're doing it right. Please do follow the care instructions; I've sent mine through a tumble dry a few times and am losing the hem, but that's my own fault.

Wool Cloak Deluxe
Beautiful silhouette, feels like it should

While the weight and quality of the wool in this cloak are evidently of the highest quality, my favorite features are both the length and the breadth of the piece. I'm 6'2" and it still nearly hits the ground on me, and you can fully wrap yourself up in it and have plenty of folds and texture, while remaining comfortable and mobile. The hood is deep and lies well on the back when it's down. Just an excellent piece altogether.

Love this belt! Arrived quickly to the UK and is perfect for finishing off an outfit a little differently. Beautifully made and of great quality too.