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Purchased for my sister. She called me when she got it because she wanted to tell me she loved it. Beautifully made with a lot of care and dare I say love. Absolutely worth the money 💜


This pouch will be perfect with my pirate outfit for the Ren Fest! It’s just big enough to hold my phone, wallet, an 8 ounce water and a pillbox!

Barbarian fur mantle

Just got my mantle today and it is AMAZING! They were so generous with my rush request, excellent to del with, super friends and understanding.The product far exceeds what I was expecting. Well worth every penny. Thank you guys!

Medieval Belts 3/4"
India Krehbiel

The leather is soft but sturdy and I can trust it will last me a long time. The length is perfect, hitting right around the knees. The buckle is great and also very sturdy!

Medieval Leather Hood
Gary Gillespie

Great job with my Hood, the changes came out perfect, Thank you Amy

Beautiful Craftsmanship

Wonderful handmade product with a professional feel. A perfect addition to any LARP character or a creative journal to document ones adventures!

Leather Coin/Dice Bag
Scott Aguirre
Nice pouch

This is a good sized pouch and the drawstrings seem really sturdy. From the photos, I was afraid that it was going to be a little to "finished" and shiny, but I love the texture of it.

Looks great and feels comfortable to wear

I really love this arm guard/shooting glove combo! I am putting together a ranger costume for cosplay and renaissance festival garb. This beautifully made piece is a good start. I ordered this thinking it wouldn't arrive on time for me to wear to this weekend's renaissance festival on my birthday, but happily, it came with two days to spare. I fired a couple of arrows with my son's bow to give the guard some good break-in scuffs and I was able to shoot off the glove comfortably. I hope to get years of use from this piece; time will tell how durable it is.

Leather Flask Wineskin
Amazing Quality

I'm blown away by the quality of this wineskin and the customer service. It is beautiful and functional plus they were able to get it to me in a hurry when I mentioned that I needed it quickly. There is so much attention to detail even down to how it was wrapped for shipping. This will definitely not be my last purchase.

Pair Skirt Hikes
Johannah Shepherd
Awesome leather skirt hikes

The skirt hikes I ordered from Folk of the Wood are so beautiful and of such great quality. They go well with the ring belt I purchased, and help make any Renaissance, Medieval, pagan or elven outfit complete. I love going hiking in skirts, and the skirt hikes always help when it comes to walking in a longer skirt. Thanks for an awesome accessory!

Ring Belts 3/4"
Johannah Shepherd
Beautifully crafted leather belt

I love the ring belt I ordered from Folk of the Wood - it is such quality workmanship and easy to add to any Renaissance Festival, elven, pagan or Medieval garb.

Archery Bow Hand Glove
Sasha Halvorsen
Exactly what I hoped for!

This glove is exactly what I had hoped for. I've only used it once so far (been too rainy to go outside to practice) but it is fantastic. It seems to protect my hand perfectly and doesn't decrease my mobility at all. I was expecting the leather to be stiff and needing to be broken in, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the leather is soft and comfortable. The fit over my hand is a bit loose which surprised me since I have bigger hands than most women my size, so for women with more petite hands it could be too loose for good functionality, but I think it would still be perfect for cosplay and such. Construction seems sturdy, and I look forward to using it regularly. I did also have a code for some extra gifts (a coin purse and antler charm)---these are lovely as well! 100% recommend.

Great belt

Love the belt! It came on time and as described. I’m looking forward to using it with the leather bag at the next renn faire.


I love the bag, it came on time and as described. I’m very excited to use it instead of a purse at the next renn faire!

The perfect quiver

This quiver is beautifully made. I can see time was taken to make it perfect. I am extremely happy with my purchase and will definitely shop at the store in the future.

Pixie skirt

Received my pixie skirt, looks perfect as a part of my “steampunk tinkerbelle” costume I’m putting together for our Renaissance Festival this fall! Can’t wait to put it all together, thank you!!

The BEST Double Back Sword Holder money can buy.

Very well designed and very well made and holds 2 heavy swords without any issues. Works great and looks great. The perfect final piece to complete my Witcher cosplay. Shipped very fast. FOTW is AWESOME. You lady's do really great work. I will be ordering more from you in the near future. Thank You so much. Sincerely, Steve


Amazing quality!! Very comfortable to wear. Love it

This belt looks good with everything

I was searching for a comfortable, quality belt that I could adapt for use with multiple costumes. I was not disappointed. Not only is this belt gorgeous, but it fits perfectly and seriously looks great with everything I wear. I can move easily while wearing it so it doesn't impede my active lifestyle. I wore it hiking in the woods for a couple hours, I wore it in the rain, I wore it in 90*f weather, and that was just in the first few weeks. It's durable and still looks and feels amazing!

Just Beautiful!

We just received the Viking Cloak in the Dark Blue color and it is just beautiful! The quality is top notch and the Cloak Pin is perfect! It was a gift for my husband and he loved it! So Well done and thank you!!!

Kat - Owner of Shield Ravens

Barbarian fur mantle

I bought the barbarian fur mantle to go with my Viking outfits. This barbarian fur mantle speaks for its self, it’s of amazing Quality and will definitely keep you warm on those cold nights. It’s an amazing barbarian fur mantle I highly recommend that if your looking for Viking gear or just something to suit your fancy or LARP character give them a look and see what they have well worth buying.

Linen Face Mask
Cyrus Winkler
Hide your face

a lovely dark brown to hide away into the shadows amongst the trees, or at least hide away a bright red beard! A well made linen facemask with a good amount of length to make a solid tie at the back.

Linen Sash Belt
Cyrus Winkler

its a sash, a nice linen sash, hang stuff from it, use it as a belt, tie people up when you take them hostage. What I mean to say is it is durable enough to be versatile and look good!

Mindblowing Leather Belts

I am a woman, and let me tell you I just adore these belts. I bought a brown-brass belt and a black-nickle belt to match my elven-inspired wardrobe. These are among my favorite things to wear daily! The leather is real and of amazing quality. The craftsmanship shows well here. It really makes an outfit stand out and look wonderful. I loved the belts so much, and knew these will last me for many long years, that I tossed all my crappy belts I bought from retail stores. Lol! These belts are that good. I am a happy elf!

Wonderful Elven Arm Warmers

I bought a set in Earthy Brown to go with my elven-inspired wardrobe. They're of great quality and kept my arms warm. The color choices these come in can fit various outfit ideas. And even though my arms are skinny, and the smallest size S-M was loose on me that it sometimes slid off, I still love them. A worthy buy. I will just wear them inside the house instead of outside so I don't lose them. I highly recommend this!