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Excellent product, perfect size, like real fur

The XL mantle fits perfectly just as the pictures show, I'm 5'8 about 210lb and broad shoulders. This is an itchy material, just a heads up and should absolutely be expected. If I was dressing for a colder climate I would probably want to have something thicker underneath maybe some kind of shoulder pads or a thick, not just cotton, shirt. The underside has a backing that probably isnt too breathable just to be aware of what you're buying. I couldn't be happier and will definitely buy more items in the future. The packaging was wholesome handwrapped, very nice.

Viking Belts
Jessica Schanzer
Amazing belt!

This belt is absolutely perfect. The detail on the buckle is even more beautiful in-person. It's made of high-quality, thick leather to hold my sword steady in battle. Can't wait to wear it at my next event!

LXL mantle

Awesome, just as pictured. Will be back for additional pieces.

Very cool!

This is super cool! The fur isn’t quite as colorful or matted as the picture which is okay, and I wish I would have gotten the strap instead of the basic pins, but overall a very solid piece! I’m a pretty big guy and it sits over my shoulders well. Can’t wait to show it off!

Never received it

Celtic Pendants
Jacqueline Gendron
Celtic Cross a bit light

I thought that this cross would be of higher quality. It is very light and smaller than I expected.

Ring Belts 3/4"
Jacqueline Gendron
Ring Belt

Like my belt but the I thought the brass buckle would be a dull brass from the photos but instead it is shiny.

Archery Draw Hand Glove
Syd Foxenhelfer
Comfortable shooting glove, but the cuff could be less flimsy

Overall, I like the glove. It looks like something a ranger would craft and use, and it's comfortable. But I ended up modifying it to suit me better. For starters, the cuff could have been made from a stiffer piece of leather. I ended up sewing a second piece of scrap leather to the bottom of it to make it more robust. Second, I streamlined the laces that hold the finger pockets to the cuff. I like the look and feel of the cuff a lot better now. I shot several flights of arrows with the glove, and it works very well. My three-star review is for the glove the way I received it. After my alterations, I would give it four or five stars.

Renaissance Round Hat
Siani Overstreet
Muffin hat, Troubador hat, Minstrel Hat, etc.

This is a very well crafted item made from most excellent wool. The feather flash and button are lovely bit of frosting on a lovely whole. :) I've worn it out just wandering the area. People really like it. It goes *very* well with my lute. :) Thank you!

Fantastic Archer's Bracers!

I use one on each arm so I can shoot ambidextrous and I love them! They are flexible enough in the wrist to allow me to move around as necessary, and stiff enough to protect my hand from any potentially slicing feathers, and my forearm from a bowstring thwap if I mess up my arm placement. High quality craftsmanship and materials make these a 100/100 for me.

Viking Fur Bag
Nice Viking fur and leather bag!

I wanted a belt bag on the smaller side yet still big enough to hold a few essentials. Its leather belt loops easily accommodates my 3" wide, very hefty leather belt (a lot of belt bags I saw, only fit up to a 2" belt). Be sure to check dimensions before ordering if you plan to carry a cell phone; this "just" fits my iPhone 8plus -- but only side-ways, or the bag cannot close. Overall, this is a great addition to my Faire garb, well-made, and looks just like the pictures.

I love it!

This archery glove was shipped and arrived faster than I had expected. The leather feels very nice. I like that it's completely adjustable so it fits my hand perfectly. I tried it on and pulled back my bowstring and it feels great! I love it!

Archery Quiver Classic
Haylee Brenchley

Amazing!!! Loving it so much!

I love it

absolutely beautiful and well made.

Who knew you needed this?

It's a cute little pouch--just big enough for a talisman, amulet, or charm. For those of a more practical mind, it could also hold flint & steel or coins. It's the perfect accoutrement to finish a costume be it witchy or medieval. I also appreciated the brown paper and twine wrapping that it came in. It's a happy little purchase that will make you smile with possibilities.

This is the third belt I bought and it’s great quality like always!

Leather Hair Wraps
Louise Salam
Leather Hair Wrap

Beautiful! A little smaller than I expected, but it's exactly how it is shown on your website. I can't wait to see my grandson's reaction when he opens this present (He's a 15 year-old long-haired musician, who often wears his hair in a pony tail.) I love the natural jute string and paper wrapping. With care, I untied it to make sure everything was as ordered, and had no problem repacking it exactly as you had. I truly appreciate the natural look of the packing, and no Scoth Tape! Very nice and thank you!



Lovely piece of workmanship, nice leather too. Built to last!! I love these ladies' crafts. All just excellent.

Makes for an Awesome Barbarian - and it is actually WARM!

I know this isn't real fur, but who cares? It looks just awesome! And its cold here - I noticed that it is very noticeably warm on my shoulders! Like a blanket on!

Now I just need the other stuff in these photos and I would look maybe a little bit like a barbarian too!


My vest matched perfectly with the forest green tunic. I got many compliments of my outfit. I had a lot of fun putting this together, my dream cosplay: elven warrior princess. Next year I hope to add a few more pieces from FolkoftheWood. Amy was super helpful im answering all my questions about the vest, tunic and bracers.

Ranger Cloak Linen
Yazmine Hebert
Good Quality

Love the cloak. I can't wait to give to my boyfriend. He is going to love it! Thank y'all!

Awesome! Perfect

Absolutely Stunning

I couldn’t be happier with the mantle! I purchased this as an anniversary gift for my husband to wear to the Renaissance Festival in NC. He’s going to love it, it’s so gorgeous. Thank you so much, FOTW!

Wonderful piece

This fur cloak is beautiful and very well made. It’s an excellent value for the price and is the perfect addition to my outfit. Exactly what I was looking for!

round hat

the hat fits well and looks outstanding. I love it.