About Us

Costumes & leatherwork inspired by history & fantasy.

Meet the artists - Mother-daughter team Lisa & Amy Bradley! They bring history, fantasy & storytelling to life through costumes & leatherwork. In their home studios based in central Indiana, they design & sew a wide range of garb for men & women worldwide. Covering a variety of events from Medieval fairs, Viking festivals, Celtic weddings, LARP events, theater & more.

It all began many years ago when they starting making their own costumes for reenactments & Renaissance Fairs, and were asked if they could make similar things for others. Over the years since, they have created the collection of high quality and functional garb you see here. Working with genuine leather, natural fabrics and earthy historical colors.

The name 'Folk Of The Wood' is inspired by those who would have dwelt there long ago, from ‘Robin Hoods’ to Wood Elves…A fun fact - music from older centuries or movie soundtracks are usually playing in the workshops for inspiration.

Thank you visiting, and choosing to support small family businesses!

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